We carefully monitor the fast-paced political environment and keep our clients up-to-date on breaking news and long term developments. Awareness of current affairs is crucial, as it creates the opportunity to proactively engage on developments that might impact clients, either directly or indirectly


We work with clients to develop engagement strategies and execution plans. Our consultants help clients tailor their political messaging to each individual political stakeholder, taking into account maneuverability, political risks and opportunities. We go beyond opening doors, and work with our clients to build sustainable relationships with key political decision-makers.


We help our clients to identify important stakeholders and help building coalitions of like-minded organizations. Our approach helps organizations and businesses align their strategic goals with those of key stakeholders. We build coalitions of businesses, research institutions, trade associations, and civil society organizations, leading our clients to sustained success.


We assist our clients with the creation of a strategic communications approach. Our team helps organizations increase visibility, reach new target audiences or strengthen their reputation. By aligning the available communication tools with strategic goals we expand the reach and impact of messaging campaigns.


We assist our clients with the development of position papers, Q&A’s, media strategies, and prepare spokespersons for interactions with the media or during public debates. whether proactively, through press presentations or campaigns, or reactively, when issues are spiraling out of a client's control despite continuing expectations from civil society, politicians, and the media. Our consultants are experienced at leveraging desirable media attention for our clients to help them succeed.


We help organizations to mitigate potentially damaging crisis situations once a public issue seems to be beyond control. Our consultants help manage such crisis situations and assist in maintaining or regaining control of the situation. We offer structured key messages, short-term preparation of spokespersons for making press statements and help you engage key organizations and media relations.


We offer businesses, civil society organizations, and governmental departments, in-house support for their public affairs, media relations, stakeholder management or crisis communications. Our consultant help you build expertise through a process of training and coaching. We craft tailor made approaches to meet the specific needs of clients, helping them develop the key skills they need.”


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Strategic Communications
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Crisis Communications
Coaching and Training